Speaker - Presenter - Writer

As an adventurer, athlete and inspirational speaker, Huw likes to be out of his comfort zone (if he even has one). He completed the gruelling BBC Ultimate Hell Week, the epic Berghaus Dragon's Back Race, is a former Team GB Triathlete and has even dabbled in a spot of Cumbrian Wrestling. Away from the sporting field, Huw's sheer determination and lust for life has led him to become a respected lecturer, published writer and memorable speaker, where he shares the secrets to his triumphs and turbulence with audiences of all ages.

Sleek & Beautiful


By combining energy, humor and ridiculous stories, Huw is able to inspire people of all ages to be the best they can be.

Sleek & Beautiful


Huw's excellent communication skills, confidence and affability make him the perfect sports TV presenter.

Sleek & Beautiful


As a regular contributor to Outdoor Fitness UK, Huw writes about his adventures (and misadventures) with brutal honesty.

Achievements & Adventures

Huw has attempted and conquered some of the hardest races in the world. Most recently he has turned to ultra-running, completing the infamous Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race in Wales and New Zealand's Coast-to-Coast. He takes these experiences and transforms them into inspirational talks that strike a chord with people of all ages and abilities.