Corporate Talks

Corporate Talks

 The main embedded messages of Huw’s corporate talks are:

  • No goal is too ambitious – chop it up into bitesize chunks and do something immediately.
  • Stepping stones – the goal/reward could well be out of sight but keep bouncing on, build the momentum and keep moving in the right direction.
  • The critical importance of teamwork & hard work
  • Take every chance.
  • No fear of failure. It’s not all about winning – that might happen next time!
  • Become the best you can be
  • The end result = self belief

By day, Huw is an Engineer – not a psychologist – and like all good Engineers what he says is based on hard earned experience. He truly practices what he preaches. His meticulous preparation which stems from his engineering project management background is an integral part of everything he does and in his talks he describes how it helps him attack some of the hardest challenges in the world with seemingly little experience.

Huw graduated with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and today lectures to degree level specialising in projects – he knows about risk and reward. Breaking seemingly insurmountable goals into manageable bite size tasks is how the corporate inspirational speaker approaches life. His talks highlights how this approach is applicable to all aspects of life, from adventuring to business. All of this, of course, delivered with off the wall, self-deprecating humour: his achievements are serious enough on their own!

“Its all about stepping stones. Invariably the first few steps are the hardest but it’s good to remember that we are born waterproof. Who cares if you fall into the water occasionally? Dry yourself up, learn from it and crack on. Sometimes your end goal isn’t even in sight, but as long as you’re moving in the right direction with enough energy, you will get there in the end.”


In 2016, Huw set himself the goal of making his adventures self-sustaining. Within a year, he had come through the grueling BBC documentary Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week; had been adventure racing across the globe; and was a serially published sports writer in two languages. He has gone on to star in documentary films on Extreme endurance events, such as the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race and has been been conducting talks at various international adventure festivals.