Festival Talks

Inspirational Sports Club and Festival Talks

Huw’s talks apply to everyone and aim to firstly make people laugh, and then to leave people feeling inspired to back themselves, to take their chances and in so doing become the best they can be. This results in achieving the ultimate end goal of having the self-confidence to back yourself to do whatever you want.

The main embedded messages of Huw’s sports club and festival talks are:

  • The critical importance of teamwork & hard work
  • Take every chance
  • Reach for the stars
  • It’s not all about winning
  • Become the best you can be
  • The end result = self belief
  • Don’t be afraid to take on anything

Huw loves all sports. As a Welshman, his first love was of course rugby, but having suffered an injury he was forced to overcome adversity and look elsewhere to scratch that itch. He went on to become a successful triathlete and has completed some of the world’s toughest challenges across a whole host of different disciplines. From ultra running to OCR, multisport and mountaineering, with even a bit of Cumbrian wrestling chucked in for good measure! Nothing is off limits. Huw uses his vast array of sporting experiences to carry one simple message in his sports club and festival talks – that it’s not about winning. He aims to inspire people of all ages to aim high – to get up there, out of their comfort zones into the unknown where every step makes you bigger, stronger and more experienced. Building layers of galvanization that will eventually lead to the realisation that nothing is impossible. Of course not everything is going to be successful…but WHO CARES!! Simply trying lets you become the best you can be.

A word from Huw

“Life is short. In 40, 50, 60 years time I don’t want any unanswered questions hanging over me. Could I have ran a marathon? Could I run 5 Marathons? Could I have climbed Mont Blanc? In my mind, you get one chance to answer these questions, and even if you fail…who cares. Those are answered questions – at least you tried – you did your best. But the other ones, the unanswered questions are the ones that will niggle, they will chew away at you and by the time your there in that rocking chair it’s too late.

Every opportunity that you let pass by without grabbing it is an opportunity missed and it’s not coming back. This is not a dress rehearsal after all. So whenever I’m faced with a tough choice – do I do this seemingly silly challenge, or not? – I just ask my old self! And invariably, there’s just one answer that comes back and that is: GO FOR GOLD.

No matter how ill-suited, out of shape or inexperienced I am – succeed or fail at least I know. If I find myself hitting that chair and I’m sitting comfortably, unscathed, unscarred, with fully working joints, full bladder control and a straight nose – I think I might have missed out on a few things along the way. Take your chances.