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Pen Llyn Ultra (Winter Edition) Nov 2018

It’s 9:00 am and I’m standing in a nervous huddle on the Llŷn Peninsula, waiting for an astronaut to drop his smoke grenade. As you do. Published in Outdoor Fitness (February 2019) Diolch anfarth i Gwynfor am y llynia gwych! Photos thanks to SportsPicturesCymru I spare a quick glance out over the Irish sea and […]

Berghaus Dragons Back Race 2017

Fire in the Belly    Ras Cefn y Ddraig Bergahus    It’s harder than passing a kidney stone and then trying to put it back. It’s harder than growing a new shin (which I really did try to do). It’s left more broken bodies in its wake than drunken overconfidence and it’s responsible for more […]

Dragon’s Back Race: Recovery

The Long Road to Recovery Six weeks down the line, my feet have shrunk back to their original size and look far less like day old battered haddocks. I’ve more than replenished the stone in weight that I lost during the race and I’ve just gone for my first run (flat 3km!). Recovery is going […]

Coast to Coast: The Longest Day

    I’m going to be up front from the start. I was not ready for this race. With 140km of cycling, 33km of running and 70km of kayaking, the numbers alone look tough. Weave these stats into the mountainous wilderness of the Southern Alps and this race comes alive. Since its humble beginnings in […]